with Roberto and Katja


KRŠKO, August 20.-22.2021


7 workshops (for different levels)

2 Latino parties with music and dance animation (DJ Soul Boricua)




Friday 20.8.

- 18.00-19.30 Intro class (cognitive workshop for all levels - basic, intermedium, advanced) - basics of Merengue, Salsa, Bachata

- 20h Latino party


Saturday 21.8.

- 12h-13h Bachata basic class (for all levels) - basics, technique, musicality

- 15h-16h Bachata class (basic-intermedium)

- 16.30-18h Bachata class (intermedium-advanced)

- 20h Latino party (on the street)


Sunday 22.8.

- 14h-15h Salsa basic (salsa on 1 & salsa on 2) - for all levels

- 15.30-17h Salsa (intermedium-advanced)

- 17.30-19h Teachers

- 20h Latino party (terrace)




Course price:

- 1 course 10 € / person

- all 6/7 courses 50 € / person

In free terms the possibility of individual hours (25 € / pair).





Trigona Roberto 


Born of an Italian father and a Portiricana mother, i began to dance in tourist villages, then i studied with some of the best masters in the sector, Angel Rodriguez, Jean Claude Hertin, Ataca and La Alemanna and many others, in 2011 i opened my own dance school Sueno Salsero ... Graduated from ANMB and AIMB, competition judge, i taught in some of the largest Bachata and Salsa congresses. Budapest Milan, Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade, Zagebria ... For three years i live in Maribor where i hope to transmit the true Caribbean culture.



Katja Orgl


Born on October 20, 1989 in Maribor. The dance journey for me began in a dance kindergarten, where I also met my first dancer. Alen Pavlec and I competed in sport dance (Latin-American and Ballroom dance) for 11 years, became 10x national champions in both disciplines and a combination of these and between 1998-2005 also reached the top at international competitions in Europe.In 2013, I started teaching Latin dance (Salsa), sport dance and social dance.In 2018, I started learning and later teaching Bachata.In 2019, I passed NPK - Dancer and did a WADF - International Judge license.In 2021, my dance journey met Roberto’s. We started teaching Bachata, after 3 months of collaboration we won 1st place in Bachata in May at our first joint competition and in June we became national champions (UPZS) in Caribbean dances.Dancing is the most beautiful experience where two bodies move as one.



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Deadline 10.08. 2021


More information is coming soon.



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